Thursday, 31 March 2011

Which desperate housewife are you....?

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and to celebrate this, I decided to do a post just for the ladies today.

Hopefully, you’ve watched Desperate Housewives at least once, or heard about it. If you haven’t, here’s the link to the website, so you can get a quick summary and even watch a few clips from past episodes. Desperate Housewives is an American TV comedy drama, which follows the lives of a group of women as they work through domestic struggles and family life, whilst living in a posh, suburban neighbourhood. Here's the wikipedia link as well.

Now that you’ve been brought up to speed, my question is which Desperate Housewife are you?

From L-R - Renee, Bree, Gabby, Susan, Lynette
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Bree – Mother of 2. Ultimate perfectionist. Very proper. Perfect wife. Model homemaker. Superb chef. Astute businesswoman.
Quote of note:- "Let's see. I'm getting a divorce, I lost my business and I'm sitting here trying to remember why I quit drinking. I've had better Mondays."

Gabby – Mother of 2. Ambitious. Sexy. Former runway model. Happily married. Very fashionable.
Quote of note:- "Carlos, if you get this worked up now, you'll have no place to go when the bill for the platinum card comes in."

Susan – Mother  of 2. Sweet, beautiful girl-next-door. A bit clumsy. Good heart. Neighbourhood’s perfect couple. Pretty outspoken when pushed.
Quote of note:- "We’re not poor. We’re just lower middle class"

Lynette – Mother of 5. Tough, savvy business woman. Over-achiever. Struggles to find the perfect balance between marriage, motherhood, and career. Cancer survivor. Big heart. Not perfect.
Quote of note:- "I'm a little busy right now. I've got five kids and a useless houseguest."  

Renee –Sexy, sophisticated, beautiful, outspoken and single.
Quote of note:- "Of course you can trust me. I’m beautiful"

I think I am a Lynette. Whilst I’m not quite in her ‘over-achieving, savvy, business woman’ league, I do admire and respect her parenting style a lot. I’m sure it’s pretty chaotic in the Scavo household with 5 children, but there is some method to her madness, which her children will thank her for later. She loves them fiercely, but she also knows where to draw the line between being a doormat to her family and being a loving and concerned parent. Don’t we all need to find that balance?

I know I am not a Bree (don’t think I really want to be that perfect!), and I’m certainly not a Gabby (I wish I was as fashionable as she is though, she’s lovely) . I also know I am not as scatterbrained as Susan (although I also find some parallels in the down-to-earth manner she deals with issues) and I’m definitely, definitely not a Renee (such a frenemy!)!

My final word on parenting style is a phrase I use a lot around my house ‘If there’s no blood and you’re still breathing, you’ll be fine!’.

So, which housewife are you?

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  1. I love, love, love Gabby, she's crazy, funny, glamorous n she loves the good things of life!!!!

  2. Isn't she just?! Caught her on Piers Morgan the other night and she was very entertaining to watch.

  3. very very late..x_x but I love Gabby and yes, fashion wise, you do have elements of Gabby in you... so yeah, you're a cross between both of them :)


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