Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Take some time out

The harried pace of today’s society tends to look down on those who live life at a much slower, relaxed pace. They’re not ambitious. They’re too laid back. Surely, they could strive more....

In the mad rush that we call life, we need to step back periodically and create some 'me time'. Almost like stepping out of your life, to watch your life...You’ll be surprised at what you see...

Everyone needs 'me time'. Why? Because this is your time to regroup and recharge your energy. Your time to do whatever floats your boat, without having to worry about day-to-day chores. Your time to stand back, assess your life, measure your personal goals, aspirations and achievements and see if you’re still on track. And if you’re not on track, then this is the perfect time to plan what your next move should be, in peace and solitude.

'Me time' has to be scheduled, planned for and enjoyed. Treat it as seriously as you would a Doctor’s appointment or a very important business meeting that you cannot afford to miss.

'Me time' doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, the simpler, the better. You can go to the movies, go to the gym, schedule a day spa treatment, visit a coffee shop (several!), go shopping, go for a long walk – anything. Just make sure you spend it doing exactly what you want to do – pamper yourself fully!

The frequency and duration of 'me time' really depends on how quickly you get burnt out , and how practical scheduling that 'me time' will be (will you need to make arrangements for your children etc). Try not to make it too often, otherwise 'me time' loses its value and your family will probably scream ‘Neglect!’. Stick with the scheduled times (this way, everyone realises its importance to you). Avoid using the time for general household errands.

Once you start having your regular scheduled 'me time' sessions, you begin to look forward to it and you’ll be surprised how rejuvenated and refreshed you feel afterwards.

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  1. Too true! Well said, Globetrotter


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