Friday, 11 March 2011

Devastation in Japan

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There’s devastation in the world today
Because of an earthquake, faraway
I was having breakfast, and eating my toast
When I heard about happenings, in Japan’s East Coast
Hundreds of homes have been swept away
Entire neighbourhoods turned into seaway
People are missing - cars, ships, boats and trains
Fear, chaos and confusion is all that remains

There’s devastation in the world today
One of the most shocking earthquakes occurred today
Oh dear Mother Earth, why do you rage so
Taking villages and cities, as the waters flow?
Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand and Samoa
Do you remember the one in 2004?
The Earthquake triggers and then comes the Tsunamis
Wreaking havoc and destruction, through all the cities

There’s devastation in the world today
Did you hear the news or are you locked away?
To offer assistance, you don’t need to be present
There are ways we can help, which will be heaven-sent
Prayers. Donations. Helping hands if you can
But do try and do something. Help the people of Japan
There’s devastation in the world today
What would you do, if it was coming your way?

If you are interested in making a donation, I'd recommend going to any of the leading News sites (,, to name a few) and follow the links on the story to see how you can help. Thank you.

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