Tuesday, 22 March 2011

It's Springtime

Spring is here! Yesterday, 21st March was the official start of Spring.

Spring is associated with brisk showers, milder weather, more sunshine, flowers budding – some already blooming, birds chirping like they have just discovered their voices after the winter hiatus.

Going by the weather reports across America, it does appear the West Coast is transitioning into spring nicely, with the reported mild weather as well as the necessary rain showers spring is known for. It seems the Southern states have skipped spring and decided to rush straight into summer. The days are getting hotter and just that little bit more humid. In the North East corridor, it’s a different story as they are still holding on dearly to winter, with snow storms still occurring and the wintry weather persisting.

All around the world though, it does seem like everything is thawing out, making room for Spring, a time of new beginnings.

You know it is spring when you are out and about. More people jogging and trying to get in shape post-winter. On the other hand, there are the hayfever sufferers like myself, sniffling and sneezing non-stop. It really is such a shame to be so congested when the weather is so beautiful outside. I notice the restaurant menus have also changed. Stodgy soups have now been replaced with light salads and soups. Heavily loaded paninis and wraps now replaced with light baguettes.

You know it is spring when you go to the Garden Shop. Lines and lines of brightly coloured potted plants, each one begging you to take them home. It’s very tempting to buy the whole aisle. I did that once and felt like a murderer when all the plants died, one after the other. These days, I get professionals in to do the job. It costs a bit more but saves me the heartache of seeing plants die in their prime, due to my ineptness!

You know it is spring when you step out into the High Street. Dark grey suits and black winter coats are being traded for brighter fabrics. The heavy chunky sweaters and covered boots of winter have now been replaced by light cardis, floaty skirts and open toed sandals. Little girls dresses abound in sweet pastel colours. Even the men adjust for spring, by swapping wool turtle neck sweaters for cute v-necked Argyle vests.

Spring is here! And I’m off to get myself some nice open toe sandals!

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