Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Black Friday approaching.....

It's really proving exhausting keeping up with all the upcoming sales. 

Every shop in North America is offering extraordinarily amazing discounts and some shops are so eager to get the business, they'll even open on Thursday evening at 10pm (yep, Thanksgiving Day!) to make sure shoppers can come. (Bless 'em for their thoughtfulness!) Apparently, this Thursday evening offer is targeted at those shoppers who might want to have a lie-in on Friday morning. 

Trying to keep track of who has what where, is giving me a headache (and some really weird itching) and somehow I have the inkling that I might just end up stuck in traffic all day, as I try to navigate from one store to another, in search of that exclusive bargain.

The thought of heading out the door early enough to be one of the 1st 100, who will get yet another additional 50% percent off, is wearing me out! With any luck, I might actually not spend a dime, if I just set the alarm right!

OK. Tomfoolery over. Is it really worth it? Are those mad 5am dashes to the stores really worth it? The prospect of trading germs with fellow shoppers (many of which skipped the basic hygiene routine this morning in order to get ahead in line)? The early morning dog-breath (much more pronounced when the weather is crisp and cold at 5am)? The prospect of catching a cold (or something more contagious) from being exposed to the elements, so early in the day? 

I'm not sure. 

I also know I am getting 'older' and it takes a wee bit longer to recover from ailments, so, I'm going to go with a different strategy this year. I am going to go at my own pace. On whichever day I please. At whatever time I please. To whatever store I please.

Too bad, if I miss the fantastic discounts. Too bad if I don't get that special gift. Just too bad! 

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