Thursday, 10 November 2011

Delivery and installation included...

When you buy an appliance and you pay for delivery and installation, what do you think it covers?

  1. delivery to your doorstep only
  2. delivery to your doorstep and placement in the required area
  3. delivery to your doorstep, placement in the required area, unpacking and installation (provided it is not complex)
  4. delivery to your doorstep, placement in the required area, unpacking and installation (regardless. The customer is always right.)

If you said 4, then you obviously are not in the Appliance Installation business(!). The correct answer is 3.

Apparently, when items are to be 'delivered and installed', this is just a 'basic install'.

Any installation more complex than using a screw-driver to attach a few screws, is seen as a non-standard install. Any deviation from this entitles the service provider to charge you extra to complete the job (despite the fact the you already paid a huge premium for delivery and installation) ....

I see a lot of this minimal contribution, maximum expectation rearing its head in modern day living and it consistently astounds me. It doesn't make sense to me, but this is fast becoming the norm.

I don't work in price setting or supply chain, but I do know that if I decide to set a price for a service, I will make sure it covers all incidentals. Sometimes, I'll get lucky (as with a 'basic install') and other times I might actually have to do some work (heaven forbid!), Either way, I'll break even ultimately.

And, my customers will be assured of the best quibble free service possible each time they sign up for my service - guaranteed! Surely that should be the goal of any reputable company, seeking customer retention?

I am wiser now and more informed about which organizations to do business with.

My only regret in this 'learning exercise' is that I haven't perfected my 'seething-with-barely-controlled-anger-yet-speaking-in-a-calm-tone' voice, as I failed woefully today.

I'm still hoarse from shrieking 'Are you kidding me???!!! Pay more? Why?????' in my shrill 'I-am-really-really-really-mad' voice!


  1. Lowes "got me" on sliding door installation; apparently if the door does not magically fit it is a complex instal and the charge is extra. A lot extra!

    Cranky Old Man

  2. Exactly! Mine was with Sears but it was the same ol' scam!


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