Monday, 14 November 2011

Elusive Blogging Inspiration (E.B.I.) - 5 major signs

5 major signs that show that blogging inspiration is elusive.

  • You use pictures only as your daily post
  • You use famous quotes solely for your daily post
  • You reference other posts without any comments of your own
  • You 'steal' other posts and repost them as yours (quel acte diable!)
  • You just don't blog! (even worse!) 
When life catches up with you and blogging, what's your survival strategy?

I choose to blog daily - by hook or crook. And I could sit here at the computer and keep writing all day (seriously, I could), but then there are a few minor distractions that stop me from doing that:-

  • a family that needs my attention (bless those kids for keeping me fully occupied!) 
  • a house that needs my attention (so exhausting keeping up with the chores et al.) 
  • food that needs to be cooked (or else get thrown away and I hate waste!) 
  • a life that needs to be lived (despite everything, we do still need physical contact with people, because the blogosphere isn't everything...sadly!)

I've always said I find blogging therapeutic, so you can only begin to imagine how chaotic things are right now. Not in a bad way, but just utterly and stupendously, chaotically mad!

I'm looking forward to my next great post, but until then....Be. Right. Back!

1 comment:

  1. I feel like that some days as well. But we have to keep trying - n'est ce pas?!


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