Wednesday, 9 November 2011

6 types of dancers

I don't really watch Dancing with the Stars a lot, but when I do, I am amazed at how ordinary people (are we allowed to call the stars that??!) are suddenly transformed into near-pro dancers in a matter of weeks. (Yes, I know. Some of them probably took dance/act/sing classes for years in preparation for their big showbiz career, but still....)

I love dancing, but I'm not really much good at it. I wish I was though. I feel like I'm moving and doing all the right things ... until I see my reflection in a mirror!

Ellen Degeneres is another person who dances a lot. She recently had Rachel Maddow on her show who confessed something I had been thinking a lot about myself. Rachel Maddow is a chair dancer, just like me...

What's that - I hear you ask? Keep reading....

What type of dancer are you?

Chair dancer - Dances in her chair only. Looks very competent until she gets up....and then it's a disappointing finish, because this person can't really dance!

The Pro - Gifted and skilled. Life and soul of the dancefloor. A treat to watch. (and envy!)

Military dancer - Stiff dancer. Looks like he's marching. Minimum exertion, no sweat. Can go on at this pace for hours.

Wallflower dancer - Shy dancer. Always on the edge of the dancefloor - in the dark. Never quite makes it to centrestage. Freezes when the spotlight is on her.

Textbook Dancer - Has watched the music video for every song. Has memorized all the dance steps and will NEVER improvise. It has to be EXACTLY the way the music video portrays it or else...

The Clown - There's one in every party. Thinks they are really dancing and entertaining the crowd. Sweaty, comical, sometimes clumsy. The crowd is laughing - sadly at him, not with him.

What other dancing styles have you seen recently? Where do you place yourself?

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