Thursday, 3 March 2011

Waking and walking....

Today I walked...

What’s the big deal I hear you say? Let me provide a bit of background.

I had major surgery 7 days ago. Where I come from, this surgery has high fatality outcome so I was extremely apprehensive about it. My entire family – here and abroad, nuclear and extended – were with me every step of the way – through prayer and presence, and I cannot be more grateful for the gift of family. Thank you!

I had to stay in hospital for 2 nights (I find that in the USA, prolonged hospital stays are not common. It could be the cost of health insurance and keeping costs down, but I don’t know enough to discuss that). What I do know is that a similar procedure in France would have earned you 10 days in hospital! I guess this could be seen as a vacation of some sort (in France), if you:

a) Have kids and need a break
b) Can tolerate the hospital food
c) Don’t mind the pain
d) Don’t mind the frequent disruption of your sleep by the nurses who come in to check on you

On discharge, I was advised by the doctor to avoid driving, heavy lifting or climbing stairs for at least 3 – 4 weeks. I was also given a cocktail of narcotics to dull the pain and ordered to go on complete bed-rest for the first week at least!

I’m not built like a supermodel but I’m not obese either. I lead a very active life. I’ve got kids in school, a husband and a huge love of life and living. I say this because hearing the Doctor’s discharge instructions sounded like a death sentence.

How will I cope? What will I do? How will my kids/husband cope?

7 days later, I know the answers. They did cope. My family is still alive and the tables have turned because I am being looked after in ways I never imagined. Everyone is chipping in, and I’ve just realised that I have been doing a great job as a mother and wife.

I reached another major milestone today, as I finally felt strong enough to get out of bed and head out in the sun for a walk. It felt good. VERY GOOD. All 15 minutes of it.

I have a lot to be thankful for, but today I will just be thankful for waking and walking, because today, I walked...

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