Saturday, 12 March 2011

Basketball season is over, or is it....

We’ve just finished Basket Ball season for my kids. Being new to town, our involvement in the entire exercise helped immensely in my discovery of my neighbourhood, as we went from one game to another.
I got to know all the schools within a 10 mile radius and how to get there.

I met with several equally determined parents, who gave up their Saturday mornings (and oftentimes weekday evenings) to ensure that they were always present to cheer their kids on. Our coaches were excellent - they made sure that it was not just about competition and winning, but also learning the rudiments of the game and how best to excel in the game, how best to excel in life generally.

We rejoiced at the end of the season because we thought Saturdays and weeknights now belonged to us, parents. We rejoiced too early....

It’s Track and Field season now and it appears this is going to be even more brutal. It’s 8am starts on the Saturdays when we have Track Meets.
I am thrilled for children (mine inclusive) that they have an outlet outside of the classroom to socialise and do something different. (Thank you - Parents, Coaches, Schools and Organisations in all you do to give kids memorable childhood experiences).
I guess I’m just a grumpy parent who wishes I could get to spend more time in the house that I pay for.

After a long and busy work week (I work from home, so I guess I shouldn’t complain too loudly...but hey, I’m still speaking for the hordes of working parents out there who have to endure this), you would think that the weekend should be yours to enjoy as you please.

But when you factor children into this (or any) equation, it’s a completely different story...


  1. Children today are so lucky to have these outlets for organised sport. I think it's a good thing. Keep at it, and it might end up paying for some of college!

  2. Well done, Globetrotter and all the dedicated parents for investing quality time in your children.


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