Friday, 18 March 2011

What's your car to you?

Image (concept, design, drawing, delivery) using MS Paint - Melz2Belz

What’s your car to you?

- A home
- A necessary convenience
- An inconvenience
- A luxury
- A status symbol
- A trashcan
- A treasure

I feel you can tell a lot about people from the way they treat their cars.

My car is a home – I’m not necessarily homeless, I just live my life and run my business from it. I have pimped my car up to the max, to ensure it is ‘fully loaded’ and equipped with all I need!

My car is a necessary convenience – Ideally I would love to do without a car (to save the planet), but that’s not practical for my lifestyle, and therefore I need the car.

My car is an inconvenience – I spend more time and money than I should, keeping my car on the road. I’d sell it in a heartbeat, but who would want to buy it?

My car is a luxury – I don’t need a car and I really can’t afford one, but on rare occasions – weekends and for special events – I do need transportation.

My car is a status symbol – I have a very expensive car, which I can’t afford, but I need to keep it because it tells everyone that I’m doing really well.

My car is a trashcan – Because I am so busy, I am too lazy to throw stuff away in a proper trashcan. It does mean that I can never give anyone a comfortable ride, without doing a quick clean up first.

My car is a treasure – I love my car and I love what it says about me. I keep it clean, and have it checked often. I’m not fanatical about my car, but I certainly love driving it around town.


  1. As long as it does the following, I don't care what my car calls itself;
    1. Starts when I turn the key in the ignition
    2. Gets me from point A to point B
    3. Has enough room to cart my work equipment and the children around

    I try to keep it clean as much as I possibly can with two young children who snack in the car occasionally spilling a drink and losing a couple of raisins and crisps here and there.

    I probably won't have bought the car I have now myself but as you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, you won't hear me complaining; except for when I have to buy diesel. The thing is a gas-guzzler!

  2. The rising cost of gas is killing everyone. At least, you have options (trains, bus).
    Do you still cycle - and is it practical to do so, kids and all...?

    My car is also a greedy guzzler (as well as being a treasure!), but thankfully, most of my activities are within my immediate neighbourhood!

  3. I need a new car asap(one that would be a treasure) the box on wheels i have right now, is most definitely an inconvenience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Box on wheels! Now I should've included that in the post! TP, is that you?


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