Saturday, 19 March 2011

Texas hospitality at the Rodeo

So, we went to the Rodeo last night.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has been going on all month (it ends on Sunday) and we finally got round to going as a family today. It wasn’t really about the country music, if I’m honest and we got there too late to see any of the livestock shows or the bull fighting anyway. I think it was more for the simple pleasure of a ‘family outing’.

I tend to shy away from huge concerts or events that I have to drive to, because of the chaos that usually starts from the parking lot. A lot of event organisers skip this ‘minute’ issue, forgetting that the entire event experience starts from when you arrive there. If you are already frazzled by the time you park your car, how are you expected to relax to enjoy the event?!

I recall our experience last December at the Toyota Centre, whilst at a Houston Rockets game. We spent close to 45 minutes in traffic, just waiting to get into the parking lot. The second half had already started by the time we got seated!

I was expecting more of same at the Rodeo, but was delightfully surprised. The parking at Reliant Stadium was very well organised, with clear and visible directions on where to go. They even had free shuttles to take us from the Parking Lot to the Venue.

We had tickets to see Alan Jackson (an American Country Singer), but by the time we meandered through the food stands (have you ever tasted the huge Texas smoked turkey drumsticks or the gigantic corndogs), the fair rides (The rest of the family went on some really dangerous looking, twisty rides, but I only did the Big Ferris Wheel), the Texas truck displays, the bright fairground lights – it was already late and we had to leave. We never actually saw Alan Jackson, except on the TV screens outside.

Leaving the venue was also well organised. Each parking lot had its own exit, where the free coaches were waiting to take you back. The staff were friendly and polite - ready and willing to offer assistance. I wonder if this is standard Texas hospitality.

So, did we have a good time? Oh yes, we certainly did. Will we go again? Most definitely.
Next time, maybe, we’ll even get to see the concert and a bullfight....


  1. Interesting, but you don't really talk about the actual Rodeo....

  2. So true, but I just HAD to share my experience with getting to and from, the venue. Seriously, it was entirely hassle free for me and i felt it deserved some mention. I'll probably write a more detailed essay about the Rodeo, if the Spirit moves me....


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