Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My blackberry died today....

My Blackberry died today
Oh dear, what can I say?
I feel I’m trapped in a dark room,
Like a corpse in a cold dark tomb

My Blackberry died today
What a way to start the day
The new day, the new week
It hurts so much, I can barely speak!

My Blackberry died today
A truly sad day, if I may
It's sad to see, how addicted I’ve grown,
To that bit of black plastic I own!

My Blackberry died today
I’ve lost everything, I say
My contacts, my texts, my pictures, my friends
Is this where my life ends?

My Blackberry died today
"So what", I hear myself say
“I’m footloose and fancy free
And won’t be controlled by thee”

My blackberry died today
And deep down, I say Hooray
It’s peaceful now – I’m having so much fun
You see, the constant ringing is gone....


  1. It's scary how dependent we've become on our various gadgets. Hope you get a replacement soon.

  2. When i think back to a time when those gadgets didn't exist, I marvel at how we survived then?To think that people would go out and there would be no way to contact them until they returned!
    My kids can't believe that such a time existed! Or that I got my first cellphone as a full grown adult!


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