Monday, 14 March 2011

Blogger's block already????

I’d been signed off for a month, you see
I blessed the Doctor for setting me free
From the carpool line, the cooking, the cleaning
Bed rest, he said. My head was spinning!

Initially, it was such a great idea
I promised myself I’d blog each day here
But alas, I’m all out of steam
And, now it seems like a crazy dream

I never realised how much hard work it is
To write a new essay each day, that is..
I thought it’d be easy ‘cos I do speak English
But I found out so quickly, I was absolute rubbish!

It is a skill, so do not be fooled
To do this right, you need to be schooled
O dear inspiration, wherefore art thou?
Pray, do not desert me just now

So until I find something else to educate
(All this, I guess, while I recuperate)
I’m just going to sit here and keep thinking up
These really annoying rhyming poems, and not stop!


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