Wednesday, 30 March 2011

O Hayfever, why do you torture me so?

My nostrils are blocked up
All the way up to Timbuktu!
The sniffling doesn’t stop
I keep saying ‘Atishoo’

I know I should be happy
Afterall, springtime is here
But I feel so crappy
And wish the flowers weren’t here!

The constant sneezing,
Itchy, dry and tingly eyes
The tension in my head is squeezing
My brain cells to the skies

I just can’t get enough sleep
Cos I toss and turn all night in bed
Everyone needs a good night’s sleep
But not with such pressure in the head

Count yourself very lucky
If you never have to worry about Hayfever,
Go ahead, be happy-go-lucky
Cos you don’t have to take an allergy reliever!

O Hayfever, why do you torture me so?
Am I your friend or foe?
All I want is a good night’s rest
It would take quite a load off my chest!


  1. This made me laugh, not at your suffering but your way of expressing it. Ndo!

  2. Hayfever sucks! But I guess it could be a worse ailment, so I can't complain too loudly! I'm a lot better now.


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