Monday, 7 March 2011

I've seen the future and it works....

My daughter got back from school and showed me this YouTube clip which had been shown to them in class. It's Corning's vision of the future with glass at the heart of it.

Watching this just made me realise how far we have evolved, as humans, since the beginning of creation. Did the cavemen who huddled together with brown sticks and brown stones, lighting fires to keep warm, EVER imagine that the world would get to this level of sophistication???

Just how have we evolved though?

We encounter glass in so many different ways in our daily lives.
  • Entertainment - We eat with glass plates and drink from glass cups.
  • Furniture - We furnish our house with glass – tables, refrigerator, stoves, ovens
  • Illumination - We illuminate our house with glass chandeliers and glass bulbs.
  • Engineering - We drive cars that have a glass accessories and parts – mirrors, lights.
  • Lifestyle - We decorate our houses with glass ornaments.
  • Fashion - We wear glass as ornaments or glasses.
This video however takes glass beyond the basic uses that we know and transforms this usage through unique, ingenious creativity, with the clever use of communication, technology and explosive ‘thinking-outside-the-box’, into Corning's vision of the future.

Every counter top now performed multiple roles and data was being transmitted with ease (with the cellphone at the core of all that communication)
  • From telephone to countertop, so the kids could speak to Grandma
  • From telephone to office desk, so the designs could be imported
  • From busstop to telephone, so traffic data could be uploaded and taken away
One thing I couldn’t get past, was the clean and smooth lines in the video. Is that how squeaky clean the future is going to be? The ease and speed with which the data is being transferred is also remarkable. How fast is the speed of the network that will carry all this data, so seamlessly? I’d die to see what their data centre looks like to be able to carry and maintain all that information.

 I'd love to be around to see Corning's vision of the future (surely, it can't be that far away).....wouldn’t you?


  1. Oops! There's a typo error where I write about the use of glass in Engineering. An extra 'a' strolled into the sentence! Sorry.

  2. Surely that family does not live in that house! It is so squeaky clean, you could eat off the floor. Maybe the glass is self-cleaning.

    And I wondered if the glass is shatter-resistant as they must occasionally drop those mobile phones?

    I don't know about this future, it is reminiscent of a 'Big Brother' type society. I bet if you thought something in your head, some glass somewhere would pick up your thoughts. Ooohh! Scary!

  3. The squeaky clean house made me wonder too! If the glass in the clip is from their Gorilla glass product line, they say it's 'highly damage resistant'!

  4. All I could think was: centralised data - a hackers dream!

  5. ...but, you have to appreciate the use of technology! I wish I could be part of that or at least see it happen in my lifetime!


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