Thursday, 24 March 2011

Statistics (Part 2)

A fortnight ago, I put a post up on Statistics.

My goal is to reach 1.97 billion people worldwide (or slightly less, if you exclude non-English speakers, who are unable to read my invaluable blog, due to language restrictions!) someday....

So far, according to my blog stats, I’ve got readers in every continent, except South America. Not bad for a month's work, I'll say. I'm now in the process of setting up Google Analytics so I can analyse the sources of the traffic properly (it would help to know what attracted them in the first instance). I’ve also got a few signed up followers too, so it really can't be all bad.

I have therefore decided to do some research to find out the most effective way of increasing blog readership.

A lot has been written on this topic on the Internet – some, pure commonsense, some absolutely useless, and the rest, the result of detailed analysis and/or extrapolation from available facts and figures.

I’m going to try them myself and keep everyone updated on how effective they are – what works and what doesn’t. I’ll start the list with stuff I can control.

Content – the personal stuff (however intriguing I might personally find it) might be appealing to some, but definitely not everyone. I read somewhere that Personal Blogs are the least successful type of blog. That’s disheartening because this is exactly what I am passionate about - writing about random events in my daily life.
So the challenge, will be to find topics about occurrences in my daily life as a Globetrotter that could appeal to anyone, anywhere.

Follow other bloggers – I heard this is a very good way of getting your blog read. So, I’m going to surf the Internet and find other established blogs that share the same values like I do and follow them. Hopefully, their readers will find my blog interesting enough to follow, too.The Blogosphere has a lot of prolific and gifted writers, knowledgable on various topics. I just have to find the ones that I can truly identify with. The Outspoken Introvert. is one blog I discovered in this way. You should visit - you'll see why I became a follower!

Spread the word – This seems to be a recurring theme across most bloggers. (Thanks, Wordsmythe for that piece of advice. Hint: another blog you need to visit.) I’m happy to say, I'm now spreading the word and hoping that everyone else is too. If you find this (or any of the other posts in this Blog) interesting, do tell someone.

To be continued.....


  1. You have to take the facts of what makes for successful blogging with a pinch of salt sometimes!I would say write what you are passionate about. There's no telling where it'll take you. You'll be surprised by how many people out there would like to read about your life. I look forward to coming here everyday to see what you've written. I'm sure I'm not alone.

    It is a good idea to vary what you write about in order to reach a wider audience.

    All the best with reaching many, many more readers.

  2. Thanks, Wordsmythe for your regular visits and comments. I now feel challenged to write 'clever' stuff, to keep you entertained and engaged! I fear my unedited 'random' thoughts might actually scare people away, so it goes back to quality content really - useful, relevant, interesting.

  3. Keep them random. Makes it real. Besides, the world is big - there's something for everyone. This is my chillout zone - for the rare occasions that I have down time. :-)

  4. Wow! Your chill-out zone! Now that's a huge compliment! Keep chilling here - please!


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