Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Letter to the Sun

1st June, 2011
Dear Sun, 

I do hope all is well with you.

I can see you glowing and your radiance exudes. You are excelling at what you do best - providing heat and illumination. This, truly, is your time to shine (no pun intended).
Indeed I am thrilled for you that your moment has come, because I know the winter months must have been tough. The struggle to provide heat and illumination, even when all the other elements - wind, rain, chilly breezes, dark clouds - were all working against it. Congratulations for reaching this point. 

That being said, I thought I should update you on how my day went yesterday.

The day started at 7am and the mercury readings were already in the late 70s. It was also very hot and the minute I stepped out, I felt your blazing rays and the resultant humidity. There were times during the morning that your direct rays extended all the way from your heavenly abode, right to the centre of the top of my head. Thank you so much for that blessing. (I guess you knew that my Vitamin D levels were low)

The air conditioning - set to full blast - did not offer much succour. It felt cooler but yet, not cool enough to ignore your dazzling rays outside. I was lethargic, sluggish, tired, parched and boiling. I needed something to cool me down. Even the cool waters of the pool did not provide any relief. (the brief seconds between leaving the pool and walking back to the house sent me back to where I started!)

You peaked at 95 yesterday, and I peaked at several gallons of water and hair so frizzy, I never even knew I'd look that good in an Afro!

So I'm sad to say, that yesterday just evaporated into the air. Pretty much like the drops of water on that hot stony tiled floor! The weirdest thing was that I could see the time ticking away, the minutes evaporating - minutes I knew I would never get back - yet I was helpless against you, the Sun.

What do you have planned for today? More of same?

And that's perfectly fine. Far be it from me, to stop you from attaining your maximum potential. 

You might have robbed me of my day yesterday, but I'll be darned if I let you do it again today. So, today is my day. You might get up to the 100s (who am I to stifle your growth?) but be rest assured, that you will no longer rob me of any more days. No, not anymore. I've got a cunning plan!

As I end this letter, I thought I should share this quote from Mark Twain with you, 

'Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.' 

Your friend, 
B(oiling) H(ot) I(n) S(unny) H(ouston). 

P.S. All readings are in Fahrenheit.


  1. Rotflmao!!!! nice one!! Bhish.....hehehe

  2. Ahem! Am I mistaken or was a certain someone not getting excited about the predicted hot summer just a few short posts ago?
    Maybe it was another blog!

    That said, I do empathise.

  3. @Jennifer - LOL!
    @ Wordwmythe - Oh no. That post was apprehension not excitement! When it goes past 80, 85 even, I start to melt. Despite coming from a hot country.

  4. haha! Let's hope that the Sun reads this. lol. I live in India and we've been having extremely sunny days for more than two months but today it started raining all of a sudden! I don't know which one I hate the most, the extremely hot days or the gooey rainy days.

    Thanks for your comment btw. Hmm...I should think about it. Mostly I just keep it in my file or when my friends say that they'd like to keep it, I give it to them. :D

  5. Thanks! It can be difficult to choose between wet blustery days and hot humid days.
    Today, I'll take the rain. We haven't had any for a very loooong time! (And I was out of town the weekend it did rain, so I feel extremely cheated!)

    Regarding your doodles, they are really good and you should explore adding a price tag!

    Thanks again!

  6. Lol. Excellent write-up as usual. Wonder what the sun thinks of your thoughts?

  7. LOL! I think the Sun was so happy with my encouraging letter, it peaked at 100 today! 100!


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