Thursday, 9 June 2011

A poem about competitive sports

It feels like I'm in a war zone
All I hear is shouts and groans
They're all looking so fierce, everyone so serious,
It's not just the children - the adults are worse

They told me it would be fun for the entire family
It doesn't matter if your child is fantastic or silly
The little ones really do enjoy participating
As they wait anxiously for results - lots of nail-biting.

Alas, we seem to have lost that camaraderie
The parents are squabbling and the fighting's quite fiery
'My child came first, this is not a ruse'
'Somebody change that ribbon before I blow a fuse!'

Parents, do relax and enjoy the game
You do not want to turn this into a Youtube'd war of shame
Surely, at this age, it's more about fun and not a test
To see who can win in this fierce contest!

There are so many in hospitals, bound up in slings
Whose parents can only dream about such things
Many more in morgues, who never had the chance
To compete for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

Be grateful that your children can participate
Your community is filled with love and certainly not hate
So next time you think that the score is wrong
Take a deep breath, think, then caution your tongue!

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