Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The big business of sports - Part 2

Final part of yesterday's discussion on how the sports industry has transformed itself into a sophisticated network of business opportunities....Click here to read yesterday's post. 

Here's a short list of areas where I can see the obvious transformations have occurred in sports.

Technology - The introduction and use of sophisticated tools and equipment to ensure better accuracy in judging. Equipment that measures the speed of the ball, the actual angle and curve of a serve - all these adds to making each game a lot more than just chasing a ball. 

Tools of the trade - The use of better material for the manufacture of the sports paraphernalia, all geared towards enhancing player performance. (e.g. improved tennis racquets,  enhanced design for the sportscars used in races, better turf on the pitches to ensure better ball-kicking, better saddles for the horses to prevent chafing etc.) 

Clothing - The use of better textures of fabric attire to ensure maximum efficiency and optimal use of energy whilst playing the sport. (new streamlined swimwear for swimmers, breathable clothing for all athletes etc)

Player Management - In the past, sportsmen were managed by their friends or neighbourhood hustlers. Now, there's a whole new industry sector, as financial gurus and business managers, hustle to land roles that will enable them manage a player's career - deciding which teams he should play for, which tournaments he should participate in, which endorsements he should accept etc. 

Team Management - There seems to be a mad rush among the very rich to be part of this investment opportunity. (Possibly a better investment than buying failing companies!). Many of these rich folk are owners of successful teams, and plough huge amounts of money in, to ensure that they get the best players for their team. 
Good players = More Wins = More Endorsement opportunities = More money for everyone! Ka-ching! 

Nutrition and Health - You are what you eat. The diet and health industry have gone overboard with introducing various performance enhancers and dietary changes to ensure that players are eating to optimise performance. More muscle building foods, frequent health checks to ensure all organs are in tip-top shape! 
Income - These are so fat, I am breathless just thinking about it. Which is probably why a lot of sportsmen are revered like mini-gods, because of their earnings. Young ladies fawning over them, hangers-on just wanting to be a part of something good, society granting them full celebrity status... you get the picture...

I'll end with this post with this. 
Contrary to Michael Jordan's quote, 'Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.', I do think there is now a lot more to sports than just that!  

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