Saturday, 4 June 2011


When I started this blog, I promised myself that I would put a post out everyday. The length of the post was immaterial. My only concern was to ensure that the content was interesting enough and that there were no obvious grammatical errors.

I also promised myself that I would try to keep my articles fresh, witty and funny.

Generally, the contents of this blog are simply a collection of thoughts running through my head, orchestrated by circumstances in my life and hopefully presented in a manner that is representative of how I speak, converse and feel.

Some days I succeed and manage to put out a really good post - one that most people can relate to. How do I know? The comments and the hits on the page. Those days are really rewarding. And I thank you for your visits and comments.

On other days, I put out what I feel is a really good post, but the response tells me that I'm the only one that sees it that way. And that is perfectly permissible, since this blog serves as my podium to talk about things that interest me! The truth is that, as much as we share similar views on certain topics (hopefully, this is why you visit the blog), we're all different. Some things appeal, and some don't.  And that's ok.

There are days that I do motivational quotes. I might also do an essay to go with the quote, if I feel so inclined. (Motivational quote days are really easy. Someone's already said them and I'm just quoting that person!)

I also write poems. Most of my poems are light-hearted, unless I am talking about natural disasters or world events. I love poems because of the freedom of expression they provide. I use them a lot to display my sense of humour.

But what is my main aspiration from writing? (Apart from the millions of Internet users I'm hoping to reach through this blog?!) Achieving eloquence!

Wikipedia describes eloquence as fluent, forcible, elegant or persuasive speaking or writing.

I respect and admire eloquent people. The ability to string words together in writing or in speech, in a compelling manner is a gift. The ability to weave a story and keep your listeners / viewers / readers enthralled and engaged is a gift. Politicians, preachers, lawyers, public figures, comedians, journalists, bloggers even are all examples of extremely eloquent people (some, naturally more than others).

Blaise Pascal, the French Mathematician and inventor of the Calculator said
'Eloquence is a painting of the thoughts'. 
I'm no VanGogh, but I'm definitely working on my very own masterpiece, through the posts on this blog.  


  1. "I'm no VanGogh, but I'm definitely working on my very own masterpiece, through the posts on this blog" And doing a mighty fine job of it.

    I may not comment on every single post but I look forward to reading each one and greatly admire your discipline of blogging daily and I love your poems. Your dilligence will surely be rewarded with those millions of internet users as your readers.

    I'll close my comment with a quote from the Bible;
    "Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men. Prov 22:29

  2. I actually had you in mind when I started writing this post, because I think you are a truly gifted and eloquent writer! (A certain email you sent recently to a group of friends, summarizing recent accomplishments was what triggered me off).
    Thank you for your kind words, Wordsmythe. Enough of the mean men, I'm off to find the kings!

  3. I would struggle to tell you how much it means to you hear you say that about me. I really appreciate your encouragement and support.

    I pray that this writing malarkey grows from strength to strength for us both. :o


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