Monday, 13 June 2011

Quiz - Who am I meant to be?

I found this short quiz on
It will probably take you all of 5 minutes, if you do not deliberate excessively on what you think the answers should be/ Just go with your first instinct.

Does this describe you?

I am usually (very) skeptical about quizzes that provide generic answers. Take horoscopes for example - surely, not everyone in the world can be categorised into one of the 12 zodiac signs? Just 12 behavioral patterns for everyone on the planet?  1 size fits all...most? Really?

I find it funny though that 378 people have commented on this quiz and the vast majority were actually 'grateful' to the author for providing the quiz, as it helped them 'understand themselves better'. Again, really?

A lot of these quizzes have to be taken with a huge serving of salt (much more than a pinch!) as well as a large dose of fun. They are too generic for them to ever be accurate.

What do I do? I pick up the 'positive' recommendations and look for where I can weave the lessons learnt into the fabric of my life. (But beware of trying to conform your life to every single recommendation, just because it has been written there!)

I'll end by saying that no one has all the answers, except of course Him. And we need to constantly remember that!

"...Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him" (Psalm 2:12). 


  1. I did the quiz and the results were pretty accurate but like you said I wouldn't base my whole life and way of doing things quizzes like this. It's nice to know that I fall into certain categories as a result of possessing certain character traits but I'm still very much an individual with unique and peculiar traits which distinguish me from everyone else.

    I still ask what I'm meant to be doing and who I am meant to be on planet earth but each day I grow more comfortable in my shoes as I realise that if I just seek to please the One who put me here, everything will fall into place without me striving.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Spot on!
    "Individuals with unique and peculiar traits which distinguish me".
    That's exactly what we are with no generic moulds or compartmentalization to inhibit and restrict freeflow.


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