Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Amusing thoughts...

What amuses you? 

For me, it's the silly things humans do. I'm tempted to say 'the annoying things' but that would suggest that I've given their actions enough thought to let it affect me, annoy me even. But you know that's so goes:

The guy who presses the water fountain (even as I stand there filling my glass) and yet looks surprised that the water pressure is so low (cos I'm still using it, silly)

The ones who press elevator buttons despite the fact that I'm standing there and the button is red, indicating that someone must have already pressed it (I guess I must have chosen that spot as my perfect 'people watching spot')

The one who sees you waiting patiently to be served, but chooses to stand in front of you, oblivious to your presence, leaving you unsure whether to tell them they cut in, or to just let it go. You finally muster up courage to tell them (cos you don't really want to cause a scene) and they actually manage to look surprised (NOT). (Again, another perfect 'people watching spot'!)

The ones who come late to church and expect you to move in, so they can sit at the edge of the row. No, I'm sorry, I came in early just to guarantee I get my end of row seating. (This one is petty, I admit, but it still irks me!) 

The fanatics at the gym that come in with the figures I'm striving to attain, and yet chatter loudly to their friends 'I've gained so much weight this season!' Have you really? Aargh!!!

The one who cuts you off in traffic, beeps at you for being too slow, yet gets caught in the same red lights like you! Karma! 

The families who visit the park for a leisurely afternoon stroll. Large families of at least 6 people hogging the 2-way pathway with full disregard for anyone behind them or approaching them. Your 'less-than-subtle' heavy breathing, throat-clearing and noisy footsteps are clearly lost on them. They even look irritated when you now interrupt their conversation to ask them to step aside. 

What about the cyclists who treat local parks (clearly posted 5 mph) like it was the cycle route for Tour de France? Frightening poor walkers to no end?!

I'll stop here, as I'm beginning to get quite 'un-amused' writing this....

What are your pet peeves? Do share...

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