Saturday, 11 June 2011

Weak after a week of sports!

All the talk about sports this week
Has really made me seriously weak
My name is Globetrotter and I am a geek
A warm bed, a good book, that's all I seek!

A warm bed, a good book, this is the life
The way life should be without any strife
In my own way, I'm making these moments rife
Where I can relax, at peace with my wife!

So if you feel right about running around
Lucky for you, cos my feet feel bound
I find it exhausting, watching you larking around
I am rooting for you, but still sticking my ground

Go ahead. Exercise. We all know it is good
Your body will say 'Thanks' cos it works as it should
I'm so proud of you, and to reflect my happy mood
I'm off to the kitchen to celebrate with some more food! 


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