Thursday, 2 June 2011

+1 it!

There are so many new features coming out to make websites or blogs more accessible and lots more fun.

Subscribe button (so people get your blog posts via email), Follow me button (so they become 'members' of your blog), Blog stats (tells everyone how many people have been to your site), Share (allows you to share your super exciting post with others via Facebook, Twitter etc......

Yesterday, I added the +1 feature. 'What's that?' I hear you say?

Well, until Blogger Buzz sent me an email about it, I also had no clue. (And I am supposed to speak fairly fluent IT!)

So I decided to do some research. Apparently, it's a really cool feature that lets everyone know that you found something pretty cool. Kinda like, 'I like this very much, so I'm happy to let everyone know that I liked it!' or 'a Stamp of Approval' or 'a Personal Recommendation' or in Facebook-speak 'a Like'...Anyway, I'm sure you get the point! 

Here's the video from Google, so you can learn all about it.
Who knows, you or someone you know might want to +1 something, sometime...

Alternatively, you might just want to surf the Internet hassle-free without having to feel guilty about not adding a +1 to every single page you find interesting, just on the off-chance that someone you know might be looking for that same thing in Google! 

I guess, if I know someone looking for something specific, I could just send them a link in an email, text message, somehow. Most websites already have a button that says 'Click here to send this page as an email to a friend.' Or is that just too basic!???


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