Monday, 27 June 2011

A reclusive existence?

Between Facebook, Emails, Blackberry Messenger, this blog, I sometimes wonder if I am inadvertently living a reclusive existence.

I really enjoy my own company. That's one of the reasons why I wake up so early, so I can have at least an hour to myself to do absolutely anything I wish! I look forward to that a lot.

But I also love meeting people, being with people and chatting with them. I love catching up on conversations, starting new conversations, finding out what's new, what's old, anything!

There are weeks that go by really quickly, because I suddenly become extremely busy. A lot is accomplished, but very little spoken to any 'real' people, outside of my immediate family.

I email a lot. I text frequently. I celebrate with people. I do stuff! I laugh a lot (surely, using LOL in my texts counts as laughing - right?!!!). I even play a few games. But mostly by myself, or through the computer.

Do I ever feel lonely during those periods? Not one bit! Solitude is a good thing and one I appreciate. But in retrospect, I now realize that I barely spoke to anyone outside of my immediate family and that - to some - may seem really odd.

Does this make me a recluse? Yes, I appear withdrawn from society, but am I really?

I'm no longer sure, but this I know - I'm having really busy days and getting a lot accomplished - albeit within my own little world!


  1. hmmm.....i do think we all are entitled to having our reclusive moments.....the question long before it becomes too much??

  2. OR how long before you begin to believe you really don't need people?!

  3. Nice.

    But you said "I really enjoy my own company"

    That's a pretty hefty line... when did that start?

  4. When did that start? Probably when I discovered I had a lot of 'my own company' at my disposal!


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