Wednesday, 22 June 2011

First day of summer

I must have missed the first day of summer
So intent was I, in going about my business
Oh no, I wasn't driving around in a Hummer
My business is all about reducing stress!

You see, summer arrived a long time ago over here
It started with the really hot and humid days
Rainfall became so elusive, even to the seer
Can you believe it's been gone for well over a month!

But we all know there's no gain in moaning
Especially over the things that you cannot change
So I decided to take each day as it comes, even if blazing
Make the most of each moment, lest you become deranged!

I sometimes sit and watch the kids enjoy their summer holidays
I see them larking around in the pool and it brings back memories
Of long hot summers gone, when we could 'laissez les bon temps roulez'
Of a time in my life, when I had no worries

But I hear a voice that speaks so loud and clear,
'Enjoy what you have today, make the most of now'
Opportunities like this should be treasured, cos they are very rare.
Savoured like a tasty meal, one delicious bite at a time. Wow!

So my vow to myself is to stop all that fretting
No more stressing about things I have no control over
The emotional turmoil I go through, as I feel time is evaporating.
Dear Lord, in your own time, que sera sera!

Being human, self-doubt is only just a deep thought away
But then I remember, stress is a problem and fretting won't fix it!
Others might look busy but that's perfectly okay
I'm also doing exactly what I should be doing, and I'm loving it!


  1. So much for the first day of summer, it's raining over here!

    I liked the poem and the sentiment it expressed. No promise of tomorrow so make the most of today.
    May the good Lord grant us all la joie de vivre.

  2. The news says it'll rain today as well. After so long, I'm truly looking forward to it!


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