Tuesday, 28 June 2011



Because each time I go to the gym
A lot of weakness leaves my body
Does that mean that one day I'll be 'running on empty'
What else is left in my poor sore body?

I don't really mind any weakness leaving
Just take the muffin top and the flabby arms as well
The jiggly thighs and the saggy butt
Take all of them with you as you leave

Maybe then I can have some new guests
The six pack abs with no muffin top.
The biceps to die for and the summer-ready-body?
Oh yes, I welcome you all!

So, I've got news for you, dear weakness
Hurry up and check out of this motel
I'm going to keep nagging until your lights are in the distance
You see, I've got some new guests waiting in the lobby!

1 comment:

  1. Chizzy you a master of the pen….wow what a talent….


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