Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Rejoining the workforce....2

A few days ago, I came to the realization that my role as 'mum' was becoming redundant. (You know, like the senior employee who has been with the company for a very long time, but suddenly realizes that none of the exciting projects are coming his way anymore. It suddenly appears he is no longer relevant and it certainly doesn't help that he is only a couple of years away from retirement. He is still an intrinsic source of knowledge, but just not one that they consult on a daily basis now. Simply put, the office is moving on...).

That's the feeling I'm getting.

Now I appreciate that a mum's role is never fully redundant. However as your children start to grow up, you are suddenly not needed for the day-to-day decisions (which were the ones that kept you busy), only the major decisions (the ones that give you headaches!). Do you see where I'm going with this? Yes, quite like the employee above - which is why I need to do something to spice it up.

I don't want to sit around, waiting to be needed and retirement is not yet an option. So I've decided it's time to head out the door and look for a challenging job. 

Last week, I tasked myself with a soul-searching exercise, to find out what I really wanted to do and how best to plan for my re-entry into the 'employed' cadre. 

Here's what I arrived at. 

I am skilled in my chosen profession (I'm a techie!) and it still makes me happy! I love what I do and consistently remain thrilled and ecstatic when I learn new things. I also know though, that as I have become more mature professionally, I am now querying the reasoning behind certain corporate decisions. So you could say, I'm a techie with some business savvy! 

Do I have the skills I need to call myself 'a techie with business savvy?' Indeed! (and not just because I watch C-SPAN or Bloomberg!) 

My major strengths (aside from the obvious techie and business skills) lie in my ability to interact with people on a deep level. (This, I am told, fairly frequently). I can empathise with people and I understand what people are saying.

I also have a 'non-threatening personality' which I now know represents a good thing.  (the first time this 'non-threatening personality' phrase was used, the words 'wimp' and 'milquetoast' came to mind as possible synonyms!)

Is there anything else I could do? Absolutely - but I love being a techie so much, it would be hard to consider doing something else. 

Next steps will now be to decide which path I want to take.
Part time, Full-time, Contract etc. Do I use a recruiter or do I  contact the companies directly? How do I get past HR - that big metal door that seems impenetrable, unless you know someone?
So much to do, but so much fun trying. More to come in the following weeks....

As always, do feel free to contribute if you have suggestions from your personal experiences, within your specific location.

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