Monday, 9 May 2011

Back in my happy place...

Arriving at the airport and seeing the family's smiling faces
Fond memories of my travels and all the distant places
Pale into the horizon, as I quicken my footsteps
Into the warm embrace of my husband, with the kids trying to intercept!

My beloved children look healthy and not at all gaunt
I'm delighted to observe, that they weren't affected by my brief jaunt
My husband looks well and really happy to see me - his lover
He's probably relieved that this role-swap is over!

Indeed it was an awesome week away, full of fun and gaiety,
The people I met with - most welcoming. All conversations - filled with levity.
The Royal Wedding was over, yet the city still beckoned to a tourist's mind
I trawled the busy streets happily, searching for that magical find.

London never disappoints. The grandness never dissipates
The history. The stately homes. The sheer regality.
There's always something to do or see
And quite a lot of these can be done for free!

Chinatown comes with its own special appeal
Sitting right there by Leicester Square, which is notorious for the glamour of the reel
That part of the city never seems to sleep
The hustling and bustling continues into the night, deep

I am glad to be back home in my 'palace', one of Earth's happiest places
No longer in hotels, airplanes and other confined spaces
I am in my happy place, new memories I'm now creating
But wait a second, is that a pile of laundry I see waiting?


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