Sunday, 8 May 2011

Thrilled to be a mum!

Ever since I got married and had children, my one wish was to travel alone without kids. Not work travel, but just a short vacation. To chill out. I always envied women who travelled alone. No crying kids, no strollers and extra diaper bags, no hassled looks, just pictures of serenity and poise.

I had always dreamed of waltzing through an airport terminal in my crisp, loose linen outfit, with just my handbag (no carry on luggage even - that kinda messes up the look I have in mind), looking and feeling all sophisticated and cool with myself.

It just happened! I got to go on a trip, by myself, without kids or spouse in tow.

Was it what I expected? Absolutely not!

Right from the airport, I could tell it was going to be a different kind of trip.

I had no-one to chat with, whilst I was waiting for the plane to board (and the book in my bag was b-o-r-i-n-g!). I also had to wait until all the families with little children had boarded the flight before I could get on (No preferential treatment with boarding the flight ahead of other passengers because of kids). 

One thing that did not change though was that the guy sitting next to me on the flight, 'introduced' himself by accidentally pouring his entire can of beer on my laps. (I guess, no different from travelling with children. Juice, beer - same difference. I still needed to ask for extra tissues to mop up the mess!)

On arrival at my destination, I must admit that my visit was more relaxed and I had better control of my time. I ate what I wanted and walked almost everywhere. (My feet hurt now, but it was well worth it!). I also slept a lot and generally had a very relaxing time with friends, without feeling I needed to be somewhere else.

My trip was a mixed bag of emotions really, because whilst I felt I was 'having a grand ol' time being by myself', I know I missed my kids. A lot. It felt really odd, not having them around. We spoke twice a day and we've all kept count of the number of days to my return.

Going on this trip has made me realise that no matter what I think, no matter what 'lost youth' I am constantly pining away for, no matter what 'exciting past life' I lived pre-husband and kids - this is me now - MUM!. And you know what, I do love it!!!! (Seriously, I NEVER believed I would hear myself say that!)

I'm so proud to be a mum and I'll be celebrating today in style with my family!

To those of you in North America, Happy Mother's Day!



  1. I can totally identify with this post. I'm off on a trip alone very soon and even though I'm really looking forward to flying solo, I know I'll still miss hubby and the kids.

    I had to laugh at the guy next to you introducing himself with a spillage. Classic!

  2. I just found your blog on For the Love of Blogs!

  3. this!!! happy mother's day from your second TP....mmuuah!!

  4. @Tracy, thanks for stopping by! Hope you visit often.
    @ Jennifer - Thank you so much for being a fun, exciting, bubbly TP-2!


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