Tuesday, 24 May 2011

And the winner is ..... John Rich

If you've been following this season's Celebrity Apprentice, you probably know who won, because the finale was on Sunday.

I'm not a huge country music fan, so prior to this appearance on Celebrity Apprentice, I did not know a lot about this contestant. But now, I respect him immensely. His integrity, his character, his respect for people and himself, his polite manner. I know it sounds like I'm a gushing, besotted teenager, but he really did exhibit those qualities and more, during the course of the season.  (He's also not bad to look at, if I might say so!)

I've posted an interview clip here, a day after his win, so that you can get a feel for the kind of person he is. Always focussed on the goal and never forgetting how and why he got there.
(I do hope you are able to see it. If you can't, please go to www.today.com and search on 'John Rich')

I found his comments (from 1:54) extremely deep, because that summed up his strategy for the game. It wasn't about him, it was for his charity - and right up till the final task, he maintained that focus.

With fame and good fortune, many of us get carried away and begin to think that it's all about us. Several examples were seen during the show - petty squabbles, ego trips, sheer manipulative bullying, spiteful behaviour - suggesting that a few contestants had forgotten the true reason why they were there. To raise money for their respective charities!

Are there areas in our lives where we have lost the plot?

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