Monday, 17 October 2011

Microsoft, Skype and Mac

Microsoft officially acquired Skype last week for $8.5 billion. Read Techcrunch article here

The article says 'over time, the service will also be integrated across an array of Microsoft products'.

What does that mean???

I'm just a bog-standard user, who recently defected from PC to Mac. I no longer own a Windows PC or anything Microsoft.  It was a tough decision but one I do not regret. Yet. Until today. Today, I am filled with trepidation at what the Microsoft / Skype marriage will mean to me, in terms of communicating with my extended family/friends network worldwide. Globetrotting makes sense when the technology works!

Why? Because something tells me that Skype will no longer work the same way on my Mac.

Before the sale, Skype was 'independent' and therefore committed to keeping all customers happy - platform regardless. Now that Microsoft will be writing the cheques, who's to say what R&D will focus on?

R&D Meeting at Microsoft
'Morning Microsoft team. May we all rise and recite the Microsoft pledge before we start the day? These are the top R & D issues for today. Skype on Windows, Skype on Mac. Which should we focus on first?'

Errmm - d'uh! I think we all know what the answer will be.

Am I getting my knickers in a twist over nothing? (Possibly, what's new!?). But can you blame me? Last week was pretty harrowing, what with all the recent problems on the Blackberry/RIM server and the lack of communication with the rest of the my world! Let's just say, I'm pretty raw and chafed right now.

I do hope they've got it all nicely worked out. They did retain Tony Bates, Skype CEO to head up this new business division. But as a temporary safeguard, I encourage all non-Microsoft users to go ahead and download any recent available updates for Skype. Who knows - this could be the last decent update one sees for a very long time!

On a final note, do you think Microsoft read my blog article and are doing this to spite me for my shameful act of defection? (After all there are 1.97 billion Internet users worldwide who could potentially read my blog!)

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  1. I must admit this news has completely passed me by--I have always used mac's and I use Skype and all has been well... but I will be interested to see what's next. Ugh.


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