Friday, 7 October 2011

She's not...

(This was supposed to have been posted yesterday, but I had to postpone it, due to the passing of one of the world's greatest technology visionaries.)

I try not to write about politics on this blog, because I really don't know enough about it.
Well....not enough to say anything of substance.
But I just couldn't resist sharing this piece of news.
Just in case you were interested........Sarah Palin is NOT running for President.

What's that noise I hear???? Cheering or Weeping?

Click here for full story


  1. Unscientific survey while we were in Alaska. NO ONE had a positive comment about her! Amazing. We asked a lot of people and most just tsked and said they were glad she had gone.

  2. Even in the home sate. Hmmm, goes to show!


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