Monday, 24 October 2011

Seriously, isn't life too short?

I don't know about you, but there are lots of individuals with repressed anger on the planet.

You find them everywhere, in varying stages of self-expression.
Those who decide to open fire on innocent people just because of some inner anger with 'society'
Those who choose to start a fight with people in public, just because...
Those who tailgate and run you off the road, just because you cut in front of them, you were not going fast enough, you ....the reasons are endless

And then you have this other group - the ones I feel need the most help - those who choose the internet as their boxing ring. They pick up articles or blogposts and start putting up nasty rude comments, insulting the writer, fellow commenters and the general public. If I must have an argument with someone, surely I need to see who I am fighting with.

In recent weeks, I have come across blogs, news articles or Youtube videos where these people have turned up. Regardless of the topic in question, they somehow manage to turn it into a fight with their comments. At times, I wonder if they really expect to be taken seriously, or if they just think it's one big joke to wind other internet users up?! (For all I know, they might be responsible well-standing members of society who get a kick from this kind of secret behaviour!)

If I wasn't so annoyed with this distasteful act, I would actually see the humour in it!

A fellow blogger recently had one of such people on his blog. And it was quite a vicious attack. (Yes, the post in question might come across as quite upfront and direct, but it's his blog and he has the right to write in whatever voice he chooses - no? Or are comments meant to be controversial and accusatory?). Thankfully, the blogger rose above the bait and did not continue to engage the commenter in any form of banter.

Why are people so highly strung? Any ideas?

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  1. Well said, and Thx!

    The Cranky Old Man


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