Friday, 28 October 2011

Aging Years in Days

Justin Timberlake has a new movie (In Time) coming out soon, in which people are able to stall time and the effects of aging. The clip I saw had 3 women (all looking the same age) being introduced as mother, daughter and grandchild.

Now that's obviously fiction, because we all know (despite what the beauty and health industry tell us about all the amazing creams, potions and procedures that can stall aging), that we're all going to age one day (some better than others!).

However, what if it all happens suddenly? Within days...? The clip I have below is a true story. Can you imagine this happening to you? (I got it from the Huffington post)

It kinda puts things into perspective doesn't it? The wrinkles, the facial warts, the crows feet, the patchy skin - these become inconsequential when you watch this young woman's story....

Have a great Friday!

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