Friday, 14 October 2011

Oh, Jeremy Kyle!!!

Jeremy Kyle is a British television presenter, best known for his British daytime television chat show,The Jeremy Kyle Show. His American spin-off of the show premiered September 2011.
I do not like thee, Mr Kyle
The reason why, I know full well
You are condescending and oh-so-rude
And such a big bully to your guests!

You badger them and make them cry
Acting all sanctimonious and angel like
Aggressive, accusing, extremely judgemental
Like everything about you is squeaky clean

They come on your show expecting some support
They leave your show, worse than when they arrived
Tormenting them appears to give you joy
And the poor souls are too scared to answer you back

I thought I left you back in the UK
Relieved that I would never have to listen to your evil comments
Alas, I switched on my TV yesterday
Only to see you on the local Fox channel!

I do hope your ratings go down really fast
Because I do not like thee, Mr Kyle
We've got Maury and he does a pretty good job
Of keeping the Lie Detector / DNA companies afloat!

So, take your uppity accent and uptight behaviour
And go badger the British viewers like you always do
Cos this I know, and I know full well
I do not like thee, Mr Kyle!

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