Thursday, 13 October 2011

Life skills - according to Simon Cowell

I recently watched an Oprah Masterclass episode, where Oprah had Simon Cowell as her guest.

If you're not a Simon Cowell fan, then I implore you to wait for my next exciting post.

If you are a fan or you just want to know how to be successful (according to Simon), then do read on....

Here's a brief resume for Simon
  • English TV Producer / Personality / Entrepreneur 
  • Known in the UK and US for his  TV shows - X Factor, Britain's Got Talent, American Idol. 
  • Probably more well-known for his blunt (but oftentimes true) criticism of contestants on his shows. 
  • Owns his own television production and music publishing house, Syco. 
  • He is worth roughly about $254 million, putting him at No. 11 on the UK Music millionaires and No. 398 on the British / Irish millionaires list. Click here for the full story from Bloomberg

These are the tips I picked up from him, during that interview, on being successful.

  1. Talk 10% of the time, listen 90% of the time
  2. Learn from those who know more than you
  3. Have fun doing whatever you are doing
  4. Don't be afraid to have an opinion
  5. Trust your instincts
  6. Learn as you go along

That's it? Really? Sounds easy enough. I'm off to start implementing them. ASAP. Watch this space.


  1. I agree with him totally!

  2. And the rules don't seem too hard to comply with?!


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