Tuesday, 16 August 2011


According to Dictionary.com, a technophobe is 
1. someone who fears the effects of technological development on society and the environment
2). someone who is afraid of using technological devices, such as computers

Until very recently, I thought all technophobes had to be in their twilight years, ensconced in their well-stocked personal libraries (many of which will put some state funded libraries to shame). 

Sitting behind their huge office desks with the massive leather swivel chairs, wearing their thick-rimmed reading glasses, shelves all around them heaving with numerous volumes of a varied nature, surrounded by stacks and stacks of old, yellowed newspapers, all within easy reach - bemoaning the ills of society and how the Internet and the advent of too much technology have ruined the world. 

Naturally, in that same dusty room, they would reminisce about the good old days and how you could find anything you needed in the Yellow Pages. There will usually be a few well-thumbed through, dated copies of the said publication lying around too, as well as a weather worn address book - all addresses neatly filled in, in extremely neat handwriting - right next to the plastic dial telephone. 

They appear extremely convincing in their lack of interest, but you can tell that beneath all that, is an underlying curiousity about the benefits of technology. But, as these are twilight years (and you can't teach an old dog new tricks!), they would rather not try. 

Until recently, that's what I thought a technophobe was. And to me, that seemed ok. 

And then I realised that there was a new breed of technophobes. 

To be continued....

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