Friday, 5 August 2011


I asked the question about Self Employment yesterday, because I've always toyed with this idea but never had the 'killer' business idea to encourage me to do this. I've also been inherently 'petrified' of being 'on my own'. The fear of the unknown, the uncertainty. I'm one of those that needs the structure of a well established organisation ....or that's what I thought, until yesterday...

I have now decided to have an open mind to the source of my employment, and here's the reason why...

I was with my hair stylist (shortly after putting up yesterday's post), when someone walked into the shop and dropped a flyer. I looked at the piece of paper and scoffed at the content.

'Surely, these people don't think there's a market for this. Everyone knows how to do this themselves, why would they need people to do it for them? It's not that special. What a complete waste of time / money / effort setting up a business to do this!' All those thoughts rushed through my head.

And then my stylist asked me 'What do you think of the flyer?'

I had a bemused smile on my face and was about to say exactly what I thought, when she said 'I think it's a pretty awesome idea! They've carved out a niche that most people struggle with and they are providing the service. I'd use them if I needed anything in that area, because it looks like their overheads are minimal and I guess, the true test will be how quickly they deliver to you!'

I was stunned. Really?  Seriously - really??
Suffice it to say, that the rest of the appointment was spent discussing how to promote the idea and make it profitable.

It just goes to show how opportunities surface and how one needs to be ready and waiting to embrace them. It also shows how God uses individuals as tools to get us to where He wants us to be.

A different setting, a different day - I really would have thrown that flyer into the trash can and thought no more about it.

Today, I'm exploring the options and thanking God for putting me in that setting at that time.....!

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