Saturday, 27 August 2011

Cougar = Sugar mummy?

Apparently, 150 new words crept into the dictionary recently, many of them a result of advances in technology and just following the trend on where the world is heading today. Tweet, social media, bromance are official words now!

In today's world, where most people seem to be struggling with being 'Politically Correct', it might be beneficial to take some time out to acquaint yourselves with some of the new words! Click here to read the news article. 

(I am especially surprised that Americana only just made it into the dictionary. Where I come from, it's a word that has generally been used by all and sundry for ages, to describe anything American! Who would have thought that its use is now widespread enough to merit an entry in the dictionary!)

I especially love it when a word now has a different meaning, which has absolutely nothing to do with the original meaning!

Take Cougar for example. I always thought that the second definition was for the word 'sugar-mummy', you know, the opposite of a 'sugar-daddy'! But apparently not. (I'm still wondering about why sugar-mummy didn't make the cut, because I know sugar-daddy is in the dictionary!)

On a lighter note, I went shopping recently and was eyeing up a dark purple and light pink outfit. I asked the male attendant to get me the outfit in my size, and next thing, I heard him speaking on the radio to someone saying 'There's a lady in the fitting rooms who needs the aubergine and salmon number in a different size'! 

Huh?! Aubergine and salmon number?! That definitely made me hungry!
Have fun! 

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