Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The 'Blind' Side

With all the attention being given to politics recently, I found this clip from a movie we recently watched quite interesting. When we got to this part (please watch clip below at 0:47s), someone in the room who hadn't been following the movie from the start quipped 'So? What's a Democrat? Do they teach differently?'

And that got me thinking, cos I found the comment rather interesting. Funny even. Does it really matter where your political allegiance is, so long as you are teaching what is in the approved curriculum? 

Politics is such a vicious game. Just watch the news (in any country, by the way) and you'll understand.

When the opposing party attacks or criticizes the ruling party, sometimes I wonder what the 'true' objective is?
- to highlight inefficiencies?
- to display superiority and promote personal agendas?
- to get attention?
- to spite?
- to ridicule?

From a very lay man's point of view, here's what I know about this. 
- Yes, political parties have different policies, manifestos, tenets, but hopefully the main goal will be to  improve the lives of the people who have voted them in. Provision of food, shelter, jobs, better quality of life for the constituency, which they are responsible for.

But sometimes you wonder if this is the case....

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