Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Any regrets?

As one gets older, one cannot help but start thinking about life in retrospect.
The opportunities, decisions, chances, the what-could-have-beens etc.

Have you made any decisions that you regret?
Have you lost any opportunities out of youthful exuberance and sheer ignorance?
Have you taken the wrong turn, one time too many?

These decisions could have been made in any area of our lives - relationships, career, health - anywhere. It really doesn't matter.

The trick here would be how those instances and situations can be turned around and used as a blueprint for the future.

Most people will likely have instances where they've felt they could have dealt with situations better - some trivial and some quite major. It will be hard to find an individual who hasn't had some of those thoughts flash through their minds.

Every once in a while, you come across the overwhelmingly confident individuals, who believe that at every stage in their lives, the right decision was made. (confidence is good, but too much....?)

Some people choose to wallow in negative situations and refuse to grow. They let those situations define them. Further decisions are made on the basis of that first decision. 'I can't do this, because remember back in the day when......' and so on. It draws them back and keeps them there.  

  • How does one grow from such situations? 
  • How does one accept that those things happened in the past but vow to not let them form the bed-rock of the future?  
  • How does one accept that whilst things have happened and a valuable lesson lesson has been learnt, it is now perfectly ok to move on? 
  • What do you need to do to get closure and assurance that it's ok to move on? 

Not an easy ride, but definitely attainable, as one aims to live the best life yet! This is after all, the only life we have!

If you had the chance to do it all again, what would you do differently? 


  1. To be honest.....i'm not so sure i'd do anything differently.....i don't think i have that many regrets.....i just think everything happens for a reason.....if its good, fine.....if its bad, oh well, u learn from it.....

    but that's just me!

  2. Maybe it's a function of age - older people have more regrets?

  3. It's hard to say. One regrets when mistakes have been made or opportunities have been missed... when certain decisions in retrospect could have been altered. One never knows to be honest...

  4. True...but hopefully those regrets should not hold us back from trying again...Oh, I don't know! I say that, but I know I have my fair share of regrets too....

  5. In my times of trouble, I remember this saying from a very wise woman, and it helps me get through it. And when i look back, it does not seem so bad. I grow with experience and learn from mistakes.

    So what did the wise woman tell me?

    I always remember it.
    Thank you my friend.

  6. This too shall pass! Very wise words. If only we could always remember that when things appear overwhelming!


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