Wednesday, 10 August 2011

'London's Party' without a purpose?


the quality or fact of being unjust; inequity.
violation of the rights of others; unjust or unfair action ortreatment.
an unjust or unfair actwrong.

Injustice is when a man is shot without reason, by the very same people who are supposed to protect him. And this should be duly investigated.
Click here for a news article by Daily Mail with pictures. 

Injustice is also when individuals take it upon themselves to loot and steal in a bid to vent their frustrations (supposedly against this act), but rather wreak more havoc and cause more confusion. Large scale looting, stealing and general disruption of daily lives and livelihoods - that's what this act of injustice is causing right now.

The on-going riots in London have kept most people riveted to the TV watching the drama unfold. It is hard to believe that these are the same mild-mannered, gentle, polite and proud people that I lived and worked with, barely a year ago, before we got transferred here.

This is the same nation that came out in massive numbers, barely 100 days ago, to support and celebrate the beautiful Royal wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate. The ceremony was grand and regal and reminded the whole world of how much history and culture London (and the British in general) has and what a great place it is.

This is the same nation that less than a week or two ago, started the 365 day countdown to the Olympics, which will be taking place in London. Hopefully, this does not create a sense of unease in the teeming millions of individuals who are scheduled to attend this once-in-4-year event.

This is the same nation (like most countries today) that is undergoing a severe recession, and yet people are smashing into businesses, causing disruption and generally negatively impacting commerce in the region. We cannot even begin to fathom exactly how the activities of the last few days have affected the nation's recovery.

It is difficult to pinpoint what the 'true' reason for this outbreak is, but one thing is certain - this is a most embarrassing breakdown of society that we are watching unfold here. I am inclined to believe that these miscreants were 'imported' from another country, as this is quite out of character. In fact, majority of the youth I know, are requesting that the rioting stop, and the rioters find other ways of expressing their discord.

  • I'm upset with the injustice, yet I steal TVs and Computers from an electrical goods store, where my neighbours work. 
  • I'm upset with the injustice, yet I burn down a furniture store, which has been operating in my neighbourhood for over 100 years. 
  • I'm upset with the injustice, yet I steal cigarettes and alcohol from the local off-licence, owned by a neighbour whose children I play soccer with every Saturday morning. 
  • I'm upset with the injustice, so I steal bicycles, jewelry - anything I can really.  
  • I'm upset with injustice, so I smash into bars and clubs. 
That doesn't sound right - at all.....

Thankfully, the Brits did what they are known for, in the best way possible. They came together as a group, in the most basic of ways - brooms in hand, heads held high, dignity and passion for their nation almost palpable - and quietly started a clean-up of some cities last night.

London Clean-up at Clapham Junction
Courtesy AFP/Getty images

Hopefully, this clean-up marks the end of such behaviour, as I reiterate, it is quite out of character.

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  1. I am so glad the riots are over.


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