Monday, 22 August 2011

Giving time...

Yesterday, whilst browsing the Internet, I came across a memorial for a young lady who died in 2009. She was just 39, 10 days shy of her 40th birthday.

Browsing through the pages on the memorial website, it was obvious to see that this lady had achieved a lot in her short life and had definitely impacted loads of people through her generosity. Not materially, but primarily through the sheer giving of her time, despite her seemingly busy schedule. Helping the homeless and jobless, leading at her church, working in her community all the while still advancing her career.

The tribute messages were touching, her pictures on the page full of vivacity, portraying a life truly well lived. What became obvious to me about this random stranger (there had to be a divine reason why Google took me there yesterday!), was the fact that it appeared that she had fulfilled the objective of her mission on earth. You know, to serve.

And then I started wondering what my footprint would be on my demise? I have a lot to be grateful for and I know I have contributed when necessary, but am I also giving back enough to show gratitude for all my blessings or am I still seeking ...without realising that I already have all that which I seek?

Time is a such wonderful contribution to any activity. This lady gave a lot of her time to different causes and through this, impacted her community in several ways. Can we find similar scenarios in our own environment or would we rather persist in creating (justifying/condoning) barriers that deter us from giving?

I truly wish her family (and friends) the best for the future, as the loss of a young person is always sad, but I also thank them for posting her memorial on the Internet, as it has made me take a different look at the life I am living and how I can have a more positive influence....


  1. Thanks for this Globetrotting Exec. We all need s constant reminder of the fact that one has not lived one's best life until one has done something for someone who cannot pay back. We all need to put down our personal banner of needs and ask ourselves daily: what can I do to make the world a better place?

  2. So true.. Your efforts towards Breast Cancer awareness are commendable! Thanks.


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