Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Cheap airflights - what's that?

When a company advertises that they offer cheap airflights to anywhere, what exactly does that mean?

Not sure, but from my recent experience, I think it means -
Tickets to places you don't want to visit. 
Tickets to places you do want to visit with dates that do not work for you
Tickets to places you do want to visit at times that work, but with restrictions on how long you must stay. 

Quite a frustrating experience, I'll say. Almost like they resent having to offer the free flights / cheap tickets....

A certain airline recently sent an email out to all its frequent flyers advertising 50% off flight tickets purchased with airmiles. Would you believe that despite this airline having routes that cover the entire earth, it was impossible to find a suitable route within my time frame. (Be rest assured, I wasn't asking for the moon, just a simple itinerary)

I had heard things like this happen - blocked out dates, no fly dates etc, but always thought people were just being unduly harsh....

I think I might be changing my mind now..

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