Wednesday, 3 August 2011


To my darling

It seems like yesterday
When you first started this job
We were so young and impressionable
Completely unaware of what lay ahead

The job offer made sense, I guess
Although it involved loads of travel
Despite our youth, we seemed prepared
To bear the turbulence of the constant upheaval

One year led to another and things generally changed
The kids came along, as well as the thicker waistlines and receeding hairlines
Living out of suitcases became a constant feature
Being there for each other - the one stable thing.

Today we celebrate your commitment to your organisation
And recognition of work done
Who would have thought on that first day
That we would be here, doing this today

What you've achieved is no mean feat
Especially in todays world where employees are like rolling stones
I absolutely doff my hat to you
And thank God that I have been part of this from the start

We have both witnessed the ups and downs
And yet somehow come out of it, alive and kicking
Your recognition today is very well deserved
And I'm sure you know we're immensely proud of you

Not sure if I want to hear myself utter this
And I might even kick myself for saying it
But hey, here's to many more fun years
Living the Globetrotting Executive lifestyle!

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