Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Use your voice....

When I was 'testing' the waters with this blog, I anonymously sent my essays to a friend.

Here's how the conversation went.
'Hey, I'd like you to take a look at a very interesting blog I found on the Internet. I think you'll like it.' I said.

'You have a blog?!' was her next response, about 5 minutes later.

'Of course not!' I said. 'I was just referring you to an interesting blog I found on the Internet. Don't you just like it? I love the way the blogger writes!' (Rather sneaky of me, not letting on that I was the writer!)

This was my friend's reply.
'I sat next to you for 5 years of school and I read most of your essays. You might not be sitting beside me anymore, but I certainly know how you write and sound! This blog reads just like you are right here talking to me! It's got to be yours!'

I tried this 'subtle' investigative trick on a few more people and got the same response. So I decided to go ahead and make this blog public. Because, let's face it - this is me. My thoughts, my opinions, my ideas, my interests - in my own words.

My fingers literally fly over the keyboard when I write about things that interest me. Having the Internet as a channel to share this (one reader at a time, until I get to my target of 1.9 billion!), is a fantastic opportunity and I am grateful for that!

I came across this post about 'using your voice' on Thetamom (a blogging community for mums) recently and thought I should share it with you. Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Thanks for the link.

    This is something I agonise over when I write. I'm never really sure if my own voice comes through my writing or if it gets lost in my hoity-toity attempt to sound erudite.

    Practice, the adage says, makes perfect so I'll keep on in the hope that soon my voice will be heard loud and clear without me even making an effort.

  2. I hear your voice LOUD and CLEAR! Your posts are well written and not verbose at all! Do keep it up!

  3. Thanks dear, you've just made my day, big-time!


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