Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Filing taxes....

Filing taxes has got to be one of the single, most difficult things to do – if you’re not trained for it.

I’m not an accountant, but I used to think I had a flair for figures. Oh, and I do have a Business degree as well. Yet, at this time every year, I am still flummoxed and extremely hassled.
Here's a silly poem I did for this...

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes
A really scary word to most of us mere mortals
The IRS swooping down with their invisible axes
Us, quivering at the prospect of going all clerical

Heaven forbid I miss an entry
Heaven forbid I forget a receipt
The IRS guys, they know where you live
And they will come for you, sooner or later
(OK, I couldn’t get this to rhyme – sorry!)

I’ve been to
More times than I can condone
And yet I feel I’m not doing enough.
They’re gonna get me like Al Capone!

I’ve never been savvy with any of my money
I earn it, I spend it, it’s very basic living
Stocks, bonds, ROTH IRAs, I am so sorry
I just make sure that the earning far exceeds the spending

Why can’t all taxes just be deducted at source?
Leaving you to spend only what’s in your account?
There’s bound to be some deceitful ones, of course
But trust the IRS. They will make them account!

So gather all your forms, receipts and papers
They’re all in the shoebox, the one at the back
Don’t forget the 1040s. Oh what a caper!
I’m just hoping for a refund, and nothing to pay back!

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