Tuesday, 5 April 2011

What do these cities 'say' to you?

My daughter and I played this game recently. She picks a city and in less than a minute, I have to tell her the first thing that comes to mind about that city.... Here are some of the asnwers we came up with...Very basic responses, but hey, I only had less than a minute per city...

When I say xxxxx, what immediately comes to mind?
  1. Paris, France – Eiffel Tower
  2. London, England – Big Ben
  3. New York, USA – Statue of Liberty
  4. Boston, USA – Tea Party, very English
  5. Lagos, Nigeria – Hot climate, Great food
  6. Houston, USA – Cowboy boots
  7. New Orleans, USA – Mardi Gras
  8. California, USA – Beautiful people
  9. Florida, USA – Yellow sun, Oranges
  10. Kingston, Jamaica – Hot climate, Great music
  11. Hawaii, USA – Blue skies, Pristine beaches
  12. Las Vegas, USA - Gambling, HOT
  13. Hannover, Germany – Sleek cars
  14. Caracas, Venezuela – Beautiful women
  15. Houma, USA – The bayou
 I'd be interested to know what your answers would be...Feel free to comment below....Remember, it's the first thing that comes to mind.....And you can use any cities you like, not just mine...


  1. Paris- croissants! (I am hungry)
    New York- fun
    Lagos- going to see Toju
    Houston- loved ones

    Got to go! great idea

  2. We'll get you to Lagos somehow, Audrey! We will!

  3. Besançon-two seasons;
    winter, summer.

  4. 2 saisons seulement? Besancon says authentic French culture, lovely pâtisseries at the boulangerie, nice cobbled streets and beautiful scenery! That's what it says to me!


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